Thursday, 30 August 2012

I've Returned

Hello again any of you who have been frequently following my blog!

After a fairly hectic last few months which have included exams, applying for university, results and the like i'm back and going to get this blog going again. It'll follow the same process as before - i'll try and talk through basic economic principles and theories to help the learning of others. I'm now officially a 1st year economics student at the University of Birmingham so when i start my lectures i will be passing what i've learnt on to you.

I plan on going through all previous subjects I've blogged about again in more detail as I've gained more knowledge on the principles and can therefore get deeper into the subjects. I'm on Twitter now as well with an account specifically for the blog, so give @TutorEconomics a follow. That's also a good place to get hold of me if you have any questions, queries or anything else to say related to the blog.

That's about it for my 'welcome back' speech, thanks for reading and stay tuned for some more posts!

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