Saturday, 20 April 2013

VampireStat: A Warning & Referrer Spam

This is completely off the topic of economics I'm afraid. It's a heads up to other bloggers - if you've been getting hits on your blog from a website called VampireStat then do not click on it. Please. I was always suspicious of it when I saw it was browsing my page and pumping up my hit counter so I never clicked on it to find out what it was - but from what I've heard its a potentially malicious site. There are other sites similar to it, trying to entice blog owners onto their page to spam them and potentially infect them.

So, this is a heads up to blog owners not to click on the link to VampireStat. I don't know anyway of blocking them from viewing your blog, but for now just resist the temptation to click. If you know the names of other similar sites please comment them and help out fellow bloggers.

A few other sites have come up that are essentially the same thing: 'Filmhill', 'current' and 'topblogstories'. Once again, DO NOT click on these links. I did some digging and these sites are known as referrer spam. There isn't actually someone viewing your blog, these sites are using bots to trawl through blogs to get you to click on their link. The only way to stop them is to not click on them. Clicking on them makes them do it more. So, to reiterate, ignore any hits from these sites and do not click the link. It's for the good of yourself as well as others!
Cheers guys!


  1. Thanks for the heads up Sam! :)

  2. I just clicked on this website... I don't know what cam happen to my blog. I'm afraid.

    Thanks for the information!

  3. The one that is commenting on my blog just about on a daily basis is called Anonymous, always trying to entice me to their blog or aother blogs. I always delete them as spam. I wish I could get of them, period.

  4. Mmm, it would be great to get rid of them! I'm searching around to find away of removing them completely, but having little luck. Best to keep ignoring them for now.

  5. Another of these websites is

    I don't even understand how with this crapy names people click in the link!!!

  6. Another is
    This one gave me a lot of trouble.

  7. Thanks for the info!
    I wasn't sure what it was, and I clicked on it :( Is there any way of knowing if that's caused any harm?

  8. Thanks for all the additional sites guys, it is much appreciated and I'm sure you're helping out others too!

    In regards to your comment Sreesha, I guess the best bet for you is to run some form of virus scan and see if that flags anything up. Fingers crossed it's all clear for you!

  9. and are two more that have been targeting my blog lately.

  10. I actually get a lot of this since I first started my blog. My blog is quite unique in a sense that there is only one other website who reviews a specific 80s/90s book series. Anyway, I thought that other blogger's stat counter because she's the only site I frequent.

    I also get a lot of hits from kallery and most recently, kmzackblogger.

    I did check my Webmaster Tools (according to one online article I read about referrer spams which is why I happened to find this blog) and I get "No recent messages or recent critical issues." I don't know if that would make me complacent or not.

    I'm actually not sure what happens if I click on these links. Because I have, thinking I may have gotten real hits.

  11. damn i clicked the vampirestat ..
    and i received another link
    7secretsearch ..


  13. Devised a technique to get rid off these bots completely and it worked for me lol. Not a single visit for the past 5 months